Feeding the leaves of wheat and barley

Calculation of programs for 1 hectare

After the release of wheat, barley, 10-15 cm. 300 liters of water per 1 hectare

AGRUMAX (N+P2O5+Mgo+B+Fe+Mn+Zn+EDTA) 500g
FULVIMAX (organic matter 40,8 %) 500ml
NITROKAL( N 9%, CaO 10%,MgO 5%, molybdenum 0,07%) 500ml
Super K (K2O 40%, P2O2 5%) 500ml
INFERTIS-GR (sulfur 90%) 500g

With these fertilizers, you can increase yields.

Price for 1 hectare: 10 470 tg
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