Feeding the leaves of cotton

Calculation of programs for 1 hectare

1.25-40 days after the cotton came out. For 1 hectare 200 liters of water
Phoskraft Mn-Zn (P2O5 30%,N 3%,Mn 5%,Zn 5%) 500g
Bio Energy (organic matter 40%) 300g
Fulvimax (organic matter 64.6%) 300g
Infertis (S 90%) 500g

2.Before flowering. For 1 hectare 300 liters of water
Sprayfert 312 (complex) 500g
Aminostim (organic matter 80% ) 500g
Etidot-67 (Boron 21% ) 500g
Infertis (S 90%) 500g
Nitrokal (Cao+Mgo+Mo ) 500g

3.Promotes improved cotton fiber quality and early harvest: 300 liters per 1 hectare
Super K( P2O2 5%, K 40%) 1 liters
Nitrokal (Cao+Mgo+Mo ) 500g
Infertis (S 90%)

Price for 1 hectare: 33 370 тг
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