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About ABP Airbag Production
In 2002, ABP launched an airbag manufacturing and supply company in Izmir, Turkey.
To meet the growing demand in European markets, ABP opened a new production facility in Portugal and a European headquarters in Hungary, followed by a second plant in Amasya, Turkey.

ABP Airbag Production is headquartered in Budapest, Hungary and has a wide distribution network throughout Europe and Russia, as well as Kazakhstan.

More than 100 people work in the production of airbags. ABP Airbag Production has over 10 years of experience in the production of PP and PE products.
Reviews about us
We have been using SWISSGROW fertilizers since 2019. NCP dissolves quickly and well, the quality is very good. Since we started using SWISSGROW fertilizers, the quality, color and quantity of our vegetables have increased.

Harnez agronomists often come to us and write programs, supervise and advise us.

Dauren agronomist

Yerbol agronomist
Harnez is a great company that works with integrity. Fertilizers of good quality, the price suits. The program developed by the agronomist is very effective. Thanks to him and fertilizers, we have increased fertility and productivity! Thanks!
Asyl Agro Food
We have been working with Harnez since 2017. The use of SWISSGROW fertilizers has significantly increased the yield. For example, in 2018-2019, 55 tons of Gala variety, 40 tons of Golden Delicious variety and 40 tons of Red Delicious variety were produced per 1 ha. The quality of fertilizers is very good, they dissolve well in water, the effect is visible immediately after application. Most importantly, the product has excellent packaging. The fruits look healthy and attractive. In the future, we will continue to cooperate with Harnez. Thanks!
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