Nutrition of grape

Calculation of programs for 1 hectare
107 900
Stages of feeding leaves
1. Before the appearance of the kidneys:
Fosiram 20 g.
Infertis-GR 10 g.
2. After the appearance of the kidneys:
Bio Energy 25ml
Micrall 5g
Polystim Global 10ml
Infertis-GR 30g
3. After 20-30% flowering:
Spreyfert 312 10g
Micrall 5g
Polystim Global 5g
Bio Energy 20ml
Infertis-GR 30g
4. After the appearance of kidneys by 20%:
Bio Energy 20ml
Nitrokal 20ml
Phoskraft MKP 20ml
Infertis-GR 30g
5. After the appearance of kidneys by 100%:
Potencia 20ml
Bio Energy 15ml
Nitrokal 15ml
Infertis 30g
6. During ripening:
Super K 25ml
Nitrokal 20ml
Infertis 30g
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